Set up kucoin proxy

For now, the guide will only have steps for Docker usage. The proxy used in this guide is the proxy made by mikekonan.

First, add this to your docker-compose.yml (use different tags for different platforms e.g. – latest-amd64, latest-arm-v6, latest-arm-v7, latest-arm64)

  image: mikekonan/exchange-proxy:latest-amd64
  restart: unless-stopped
  command: -verbose 1
  container_name: kucoin-proxy

Then add this snippet in your config

    "exchange": {
        "ccxt_config": {
            "enableRateLimit": false,
            "timeout": 60000,
            "urls": {
                "api": {
                    "public": "http://kucoin-proxy:8080/kucoin",
                    "private": "http://kucoin-proxy:8080/kucoin"
        "ccxt_async_config": {
            "enableRateLimit": false,
            "timeout": 60000

Important things

  • If you want to restart a bot, don’t restart it using /reload_config. It will cause AgeFilter on the other bots to be broken. Restart any bot from the command line instead.
  • If the AgeFilter is broken, restart the proxy container.

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