How to use older version of Freqtrade


Using older version of Freqtrade can bring many issues. Old dependancies (old ccxt for example) is one of possible (and could be a very lethal) issue that can happen. Exchanges’ API also evolved over times. Old version of Freqtrade combined with latest exchange API might be a very bad idea. Do this on your own risk.

For whatever reason, if you prefer to use older version of freqtrade, it’s quite easy.


Find the tag of the version you want to use here. For example. I want to use the stable version from Nov 2021. After searching for 2021.11 tag, there are 2 tags. The image tagI would put in my docker-compose would be image: freqtradeorg/freqtrade:2021.11

Non docker

This is easier. Just go to the release section of the repo, find the version you want, download the zip file, unzip on your server/computer, then install it using

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