How long is the warm-up time?

There is no such thing as “warming up” time. After the bot finished starting up, it will fetch all the required data (all pairs on all timeframes) from the exchange, calculate the indicators, and check for entry and exit signals. That means it’s possible for the bot to enter a new trade right away as long as there is active entry signal.

Please note that for freqai strategy, the bot might not be able to enter trade right away, as compared to non-freqai strategy. That’s not because of lack of candle data or indicators, but because the bot will need a minimum number of models available to be able to have good prediction, then it can start producing entry and exit signals.

But my bot still has no trade for x hours/days/months!!!!

Then you need to check for several things.

  • Check the logs for any warning or error
  • Make sure your pairlist isn’t empty
  • Make sure you have set the correct stake amount setting (more than minimum stake amount set by exchange)

When there is no issue found, then just wait.

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