How to set up Tailscale for Freqtrade

Why use Tailscale?

I’m not really an expert, so I can only say what I feel about Tailscale. It’s easy to install, free up to certain number of devices (16 if I’m not wrong at this time), and remove all hustle of doing manual SSH tunneling.

Install it

Install Tailscale on your vps(es) and at least one computer with access to web browser. You would need to access tailscale web to get the Tailnet address of your vps(es).

Get the IP address

Go to the web console and get the Tailnet address of the vps(es).

Configure your freqtrade

The config will slightly differ whether you are using docker or non-docker. For this tutorial, let’s say the address of my vps is, and I want to use port 8081

Docker installation

If you are using docker, then on your docker-compose.yml, set this

    - ""

And in your config.json

"api_server": {

    "listen_ip_address": "",
    "listen_port": 8081,


You don’t need to open port 8081 manually, because docker will automatically open it for you

Non-docker installation

Set this in your config.json

"api_server": {

    "listen_ip_address": "",
    "listen_port": 8081,

And you have to manually open port 8081, otherwise you won’t be able to connect to frequi.


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