How to combine multiple bots into one frequi

Unless all of your bots are on one local computer, then installing Tailscale on all your vpses/computers is a must. After you install Tailscale on all of them, the steps to combine them into one frequi is easy. First, choose one bot that gonna act as the main frequi. Take note of its Tailscale IP and port number. For this tutorial, let’s say the Tailscale IP is 123.456.543.212, and its port is 7654.

For each other bots that you want to add into the main frequi, for the CORS_origin part in their config.json, add the IP and port of the main bot. So for this example:

"CORS_origins": ["http://123.456.543.212:7654"],

Notice that I don’t have / at the end of the CORS_origins. Most of the time, users make mistake adding it at the end. CORS is quite picky, and it requires exact address as what you typed in the browser’s address to access the main frequi.

That’s all you need to do. Add that CORS_origins on all other bots, and now you can add those bots from the main frequi.

As alternative, there are few unofficial projects that aimed to do similar thing (dashboard that combine bots into one view)

  • (a read-only web dashboard)
  • (command-line dashboard)

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